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Poway, CA

Gwynn Baseball Camp

The Gwynn Baseball Camp provides professional instruction covering a full spectrum of intermediate to advanced baseball skills & knowledge. Each day, campers will see in-depth demonstrations by professional camp staff and partake in drills covering Hitting, Infield Play, Outfield Play, Base Running, Base Stealing, and Pitching.


Boys and Girls age 8-13 welcome. Campers will be split into groups based on age and skill level

Professional Instruction

Camp instruction will be provided by Tony Gwynn Jr, Gerric Waller, and Brandon Decker with assistance from players from San Diego State University and San Diego Christian College.

What They Will Learn

Campers partake in drills covering Hitting, Infield Play, Outfield Play, Base Running, Base Stealing, and Pitching.


Check In



Dynamic Stretch / Arm Care



Catch / Quick Catch

  • 10 Toes
    • Keeping both feet facing catch partner use upper body and turn and make an accuarate throw keeping feet planted
  • R/L Throw
    • R/L Throw is now to engage your lower half and make a throw moving towards your target
  • One Shuffle
    • One shuffle step towards target and gain more momentum to increase arm strength
  • Two Shuffle
    • An add-on to One Shuffle, now when we have extended far from our partner and now need more momentum to reach them in the air



Baserunning Talk and Overview

Station 1: Out of the box mechanics

  • Proper way to get out of the box on a ground ball and then proper way on a fly ball
Station 2: Leads and Steal Breaks
  • Proper lead mecahnics (Distance, Stance, Mentality)
  • Steal Breaks from all bases mechanics



Defensive Stations

Station 1: Field Ground Balls

  • Coach hits regular ground Balls
Station 2: Paddle Gloves
  • Flat Paddle gloves to work on mechanics soft hands
Station 3: Barehand Drills
  • Barehand Drills (No Glove) to work on glove hand dominance
Station 4: Dry Pitching
  • Dry Pitching work for balance and how to use lower half
Station 5: Pitching
  • Flat Ground bullpens with a partner to work on all mechanics
Station 6: Of QB
  • Fly ball quarterback drills (Coach Throws baseballs) working on route effieciency and over the shoulder catches
Station 7: Coach Hits Fly Balls
  • Fly Balls off the bat to work on getting behind the ball and working through it






Offensive Stations

Station 1: Live Soft Toss

  • Live off of a coach to see ball flight and work on situational hitting
Station 2: Shag Wiffles
  • Wiffle balls to work on proper use of hands to the ball
Station 3: Shag Low Tee
  • Low tee to engage your lower half getting to and through the ball
Station 4: High Tee
  • High Tee to work on keeping barrel above the hands and level  swing

75 min


Camp Ends



Tony Gwynn Jr playing with Nationals

Private Lessons with Tony Gwynn Jr

Tony Gwynn Jr. is hosting private hitting lessons, here in San Diego.  The opportunity to learn from one of the best techniques in the game is only a few clicks away!


Located in the heart of Poway, Community Park is one of the areas most active parks!

Poway Community Park

13094 Civic Center Dr
Poway, CA 92064

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